Hairdresser accused of ‘scamming’ people after woman pays £1,400 to have hair done

Getting your hair done can end up being pretty pricey, with costs for cut, colour and care treatments adding up quickly. We recently heard how one woman was left “utterly gobsmacked” when she ended up spending £300 on a cut and colou r from a salon in central London after lockdown. She revealed all in […]


Grieving Matt Wilson gets late reprieve to make Australia’s Olympic swimming team

Matt Wilson says he is struggling to come to terms with his selection for the Australian swimming team after an emotional roller-coaster ride at the Olympic trials culminated in a last-minute reprieve and a place in the squad for the Tokyo Games. Wilson, a former world record holder, cut an emotional figure in the pool […]


Anti-aging protein in red blood cells helps stave off cognitive decline

Research conducted by Qiang et al has discovered a link between a protein in red blood cells and age-related decline in cognitive performance. Published in the open access journal PLOS Biology on 17th June 2021, the study shows that depleting mouse blood of the protein ADORA2B leads to faster declines in memory, delays in auditory […]


JLR to begin testing prototype hydrogen Land Rover this year

Jaguar Land Rover will begin tests later this year on a hydrogen fuel-cell prototype model based on its Land Rover Defender vehicle as the carmaker looks to expand its zero-emission car options, the company said on Tuesday. JLR, owned by India’s Tata Motors (TAMO.NS), earlier this year said that its luxury Jaguar brand will be […]


HP’s latest monitors are certified for Zoom calls and Chromebooks

Nobody asked for a monitor that is certified to work with Zoom or a monitor that has Google’s seal of approval for working well with Chromebooks, but HP is making both of those things a reality anyway. In essence, these are 1080p monitors that don’t excel in terms of contrast or response times, but can […]


Family’s dog that went missing from garden ‘miraculously’ turns up a decade later

Sarah Covell and her family had only had their Jack Russell puppy Crumpet for three months when she went missing after disappearing from their garden. The little dog had been playing with another pet in the secure garden back garden in 2010, while Sarah, now 57, was tending to the family horses in an adjoining […]