Man finds trap door in holiday cottage leading to eerie hidden ‘swamp’ below

A man discovered a spooky door in his holiday cottage and went to investigate – and soon found that it led to a hidden ‘swamp’ below the room.

TikTok user Robert shared the video with his fans, explaining that he had gone for a weekend away in the Lake District with his wife, daughter, and their pet dog Samson.

When he arrived, Robert found that there was a large wooden door in the middle of the floor, partially obscured by a sofa, so he rearranged the room to have a look around.

Below the door was a dusty stairwell, covered in cobwebs, that led down to a small room half-filled with murky green water, making Robert think the house was a holiday home owned by ‘the swamp monster’.

“Ok lights on, here we go,” he said. “This is terrifying. What the flip – oh gosh, it’s water. What the heck, it’s quite deep and very green – what on earth is this. There’s a drain in the middle, what creepy a** thing is living in here.

“So turns out we’ve booked the holiday home of a swamp monster so that’s good, maybe he knows where the remote’s gone.”

The video, uploaded on Monday, June 21, has been viewed over 107,000 times and has received thousands of likes and countless comments, with many people confused by what the room was.

One TikTok user said: “Have you never watched evil dead?”

Another wrote: “Did anyone else hear hissing when he put the phone in after he shouts the dog for emotional support.”

While a third added: “That’s the same river from Ghostbusters 2”