Woman convinced groomer gave her wrong cat after returning home with “drowned rat”

Many of us have faced a dodgy haircut at one point in our lives – especially when we were young.

At the time, your mum probably insisted it was a lovely cut, but it really wasn’t.

Years later, you could argue it was a character-building experience.

But when it comes to our pets, it’s not always clear what they think of their dramatic haircuts.

For one moggie, it’s been a non-stop struggle since a visit to the groomers left them with a rather unusual haircut.

There’s a lot to like about cats -from their dramatic nature to their love for independence which means they can go out and about by themselves.

But an unfortunate haircut can really undermine them – and make it seem unlikely that they were ever worshipped as holy deities.

One owner was left in stitches after she went to pick up her cat from the groomers.

And we can see why.

The poor cat ended up looking VERY different after her cut -and it sparked thousands of jokes.

Mum Sarah Jade shared a video of the cat’s new look on TikTok, where it racked up nearly 11 million views.

In it, she joked: “I think the groomers gave me back the wrong cat.”

The now-viral clip racked up more than 2.1m likes and 37,000 comments.

One horrified person commented: “You got robbed sis,” while another joked: “Looks like a grey Q-tip.”

People were left in stitches by the post, as one person commented: “I’ve literally been laughing at this for an hour.”

Another joked: “I think they gave you the wrong car too.”

A third said: “He looks like a drowned rat, I am so sorry.”

A few viewers defended the groomer’s work, and the owner confirmed that the cat was much happier, thanks to the summer temperatures making the moggie overheat.

One woman replied: “It’s not abuse, it’s because summer is happening so the cat won’t [suffer from] heatstroke”