Toddler frustrated after Google Home fails to understand her due to adorable pronunciation

This adorable video shows the moment a three-year-old girl got upset when Google Home failed to understand her – because of her incredibly cute pronunciation.

Mum Jenn noticed that there was something wrong with her toddler, Jordynn, so went to see what was getting her so worked up.

She soon learned the youngster was upset because ‘Google doesn’t know my name’, so went with her to properly introduce the pair.

Then she gets Jordynn to say ‘hello Google’, to activate the device, but the toddler pronounces it wrong in the cutest way and the device fails to understand her time and time again.

In the video, which Jenn has shared with her one million followers on TikTok, the mother can be heard talking to her daughter about what the problem is.

Jenn said: “What, what happened?”

Jordynn: “Google doesn’t know.”

Jenn: “Google doesn’t know you? She doesn’t know your voice, that’s why.”

The youngster, who bears more than a passing resemblance to Boo in Pixar’s Monsters Inc, then asks her mother to talk to Google to sort it out.

Jenn then takes Jordynn to sit on the sofa and tries to teach her how to interact with the device, telling her she has to clearly say ‘hello Google’.

But Jordynn’s pronunciation of ‘Google’ comes out more like ‘doodle’, and the bot completely fails to understand the command, so Jenn saves the day and issues the command ‘say hi to Jordynn’.

The video has been viewed over 10 million times, had over 1.5 million likes, and thousands of comments.

One user said: “Yeah you better get it right doodle.”

While a second added: “Alexa wouldn’t do that to that cutie, fire Google and get Alexa.”

And a third wrote: “You should be able to legally sue Doodle for causing stress upon this child.”