VR remake of Myst is coming to PC and Mac later this year, no headset required

Cyan, the developer that created the original Myst for PC, dropped an updated version of the game exclusively for the Oculus Quest at the tail end of 2020. Later this year, you’ll be able to pick it up on PC and Mac, and you won’t even need a VR headset.

This reimagined version of Myst has been built from the ground up for modern platforms and is said to include new art, sound, interactions and even optional puzzle randomization. Cyan describes it as the definitive Myst experience.

In its review from December 2020, PCMag had high praise for Myst.

“Myst still has the power to befuddle and excite today as it did in 1993. With VR, it’s more immersive, and holds up well against the physical discomfort the VR platform can produce. Featuring a price in the impulse-buy territory, Myst is easy to recommend. It’s a fresh, but familiar, retelling for long-time fans, and accessible for new players.”

There were a few shortcomings, however, such as some misplaced interactive elements and a graphical experience seemingly limited by the Oculus Quest’s hardware. The latter could no doubt be remedied with a powerful PC VR setup, and Cyan has had plenty of time to iron out other bugs and inconsistencies.

The new Myst is already available to add to your wish list over on Steam and GOG with a planned launch date of Q3 2021. To clarify, it will be playable in 2D and VR modes on the PC. According to developer Hannah Gamiel, the title will also support AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution upscaling technology.