Cheeky’ driver’s proof of delivery photo after woman falls in puddle goes viral

Over the past year, many of us relied on delivery drivers more than ever.

So we’re well versed in how it works – you receive a knock on the door, the driver hands the package, and may take a photo of you for proof of delivery.


But the proof of delivery can backfire – with people frequently left in stitches at the embarrassing photo snapped of them collecting their goods.

And in this case, the photo taken was snapped at a rather unfortunate time, as the customer had just fallen over.

It’s embarrassing enough to fall in a puddle anyway, let alone have it immortalised in a photo forever.

It racked up millions of views on TikTok after CCTV captured the moment the woman fell and landed in the puddle.

Her cringeworthy trip was immortalised, as she can be seen landing on her hands, before ending up lying on the pavement after hitting her head, as a driver walks towards her.

They can be seen holding out the parcel for the rain-soaked woman, which left people in hysterics, as the customer then showed the photo they snapped, showing her sitting dejectedly in the rain.

TikTok user Jaxarx123 captioned the hilarious footage: “The time I face planted a puddle and the driver took a pic of me still on the floor as proof of delivery.”

Naturally, the viral video sparked a slew of jokes, as one viewer quipped: “Nothing and I mean nothing was messing up her delivery schedule.”

Another commented: “They don’t have to ask questions, they just have to do their job.”

“That was so cheeky hahaha, what an absolute legend” a third added.